Complex Electronic Product Design and Prototyping
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                  We design, build, and seamlessly integrate electronic, electro-mechanical, and
                  opto-mechanical hardware

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                  Example Projects

                  "All photos on this site are of actual projects designed by Henning Engineering"
                  He-Cd metal vapor laser tube

                  He-Cd metal vapor laser tube designed and built by Henning Engineering

                  Surface Viscosity Meter Torsion Pendulum

                  SolidWorks model of a torsion pendulum designed by Henning Engineering for a surface viscosity meter

                  Instrument Design

                  Our unique combination of electronic and mechanical design skills coupled with our ability to build and prototype ideas allows us to manufacture high quality, practical custom instruments.   Engineers, scientists, and researchers in the Biotech, Life Sciences, Chemical and other industries often have needs for specialized instrumentation.   Often they have developed the theory and ideas for an instrument that they need but lack the resources and associated skills to make a working model.

                  Example: Design of a Surface Viscosity Meter

                  A good example of one of our projects is a special meter that we designed for measuring the surface viscosity of liquids.   This meter was needed by a chemical engineer.   All that existed, however, was method of measuring surface viscosity of liquids that had been developed in theory and published in the scientific literature.   No one had ever made a practical instrument for this purpose.   We worked with the chemical engineer and developed a plan for an instrument that was both practical and could be built in a short timeframe.   Henning Engineering did the entire design, built the electronics and mechanical components and delivered an instrument that worked right out of the box.