Complex Electronic Product Design and Prototyping
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                  We design, build, and seamlessly integrate electronic, electro-mechanical, and
                  opto-mechanical hardware

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                  Miscellaneous Projects

                  Shown below are some pictures of miscellaneous projects designed by Henning Engineering.

                  Stainless steel gas regulator

                  High pressure gas regulator for use in underwater life support equipment.   Designed to work with air, oxygen, and helium/oxygen/nitrogen gas mixtures.   Max inlet pressure is 4000 PSI.

                  Stainless steel gas regulator Parts

                  Details of design.   All parts were designed and machined at Henning Engineering.

                  He-Cd metal vapor laser tube

                  He-Cd metal vapor laser tube.   All glassblowing was done at Henning Engineering.    While this is a skill that is mostly obsolete, it demonstrates the range of skills that we are capable of.