Complex Electronic Product Design and Prototyping
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                  Phone: 978-219-9009

                  We design, build, and seamlessly integrate electronic, electro-mechanical, and
                  opto-mechanical hardware

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                  "All photos on this site are of actual projects designed by Henning Engineering"
                  Jig for high temp brazing of Cu Mo transistor headers

                  Jig for high temp brazing of  Cu-Mo transistor headers

                  Chrome mask for Si wafers

                  Chrome mask for special processing of Si die.

                  Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment Design

                  Semiconductor fabrication and packaging equipment for non-mainstream applications such as MEMS fabrication, compound semiconductor components such as LEDs, and other unusual devices often requires a solution that is custom designed.   We have designed numerous solutions for both silicon and compound semiconductor fabrication processes.   Our strength and ability to provide a practical solution comes partly from our knowledge of microelectronics, experience working in semiconductor fabs, and our innovative mechanical design skills.

                  Some examples of some of our projects:

                  Also, one advantage we have when working on these types of projects is our in-house machine shop.   When machining modifications and/or adding features to existing fab equipment which is clean and dust free, we can often preserve the clean state since we are doing the machining ourselves.   This can save a lot of time since tearing down a machine, sending parts out for machining, cleaning, and then reassembling can be costly, time consuming, and sometimes not possible at all.